I’m obsessed. I can’t stop cooking, learning, reading, and writing about food. I don’t know where that all came from; I’m a 23 year old daughter of scientists living in a small Connecticut town. Art History was my first passion, I earned my bachelors degree in that subject (paired with an Economics and Italian double minor…what?!) and enjoyed four years of studying such a creative and complex discipline.

Cooking was never something I studied, but I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like to cook. As a kid I flipped pancakes the morning after sleepovers, in high school I doctored up frozen pizzas with fresh arugula and balsamic glaze, and I’ve been making the pumpkin pie for our family’s Thanksgiving every year since the recipe called for condensed milk.

When I moved into my first apartment Junior year of college, I got serious about cooking. This mostly came out of necessity because I could no longer rely on the wet lettuce at our dining hall’s salad bar whenever I was hungry. I had no meal plan, only a tiny kitchen (shared with 3 amazing roommates) with abundant potential. The obsession started with daydreams about lunch as my professor explained the color nuance evident in John Singer Sargent’s portraits. As it grew, I declined dinner invitations to practice my Cornish Hen technique and brought elaborate meals to eat on the go because I refused to order out. I only had three opportunities a day to cook something that I truly wanted to eat, and I wasn’t going to waste that time on take-out.

Through obsessive home-cooking, I’ve learned a thing or two about getting dinner on the table each night. Dinner gives us a reason to sit with each other for an hour or so and talk about our days, learn from each other, and share a delicious experience. Food acts as a messenger between two people, delivering news, stories, and connection. I’d like to inspire you to welcome dinner into your home with curiosity and ease, and experience the joy, satisfaction, and pleasure that cooking brings. My recipes are seasonal and approachable, with a focus on healthful, nourishing dinners.

Now that I’m back home after college, I cook dinner for my parents every night partly because I love it and partly because they do not charge me rent. We’re a little family of three adults learning how to get along, and a lot of that happens at the dinner table.

The culinary arts can be an inclusive space; no one wants to come to a museum with me but everyone likes joining me for dinner. Better yet, cooking is always more fun when you have someone at your side. I can help you there. So pour yourself a glass of something special, and let’s get cooking.

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