What I Eat in a Wednesday

WW 11.15


So I’ve been putting my smoothies in a glass these days. Have you ever heard of it? It’s like a smoothie bowl, but in a cup! The smoothie bowl trend has gotten so ubiquitous and I’ve bought (eaten) into it so many times that I’m actually kind of bored. After putting my smoothie in a bowl for more than two years now, I’m ready to bring it back to its roots. After a quick HIIT workout this morning, I blended up some coconut water, frozen mixed berries, frozen cauliflower rice (still into this trend), vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, peanut butter, and hemp seeds. I added a little extra coconut water for a thinner consistency, swapped out a spoon for a straw, and sipped on the creamy, fruity, tastes-like-dessert breakfast while I got ready this morning.

WW 11.15 2

I ate the smoothie around 8am and it kept me full until noon. Then half of a pear kept me full until 1pm. I had my favorite type of desk lunch- salad with leftover vegetables and tahini dressing. Today it was salad with leftover roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and pumpkin seeds. The dressing was a simple lemon-tahini-herb vinaigrette that I could eat with a spoon.

WW 11.15 3

There was a lot of chicken in that salad, and it kept me going until dinnertime. I like to use my ride home as a chance to get pumped up for the meal. I blast stupid Top 40 songs and occasionally nod along to aggressive rap. I need to warm up for all of the washing, chopping, and sautéing that’s about to happen. But it’s still my favorite part of the day. I tell Alexa to play some seventies music, pour a wine glass of kombucha, and get in the zone. I had two sauté pans going at once that night and I felt like a bad ass. I dumped olive oil on both, heated until shimmering, then added a couple of seasoned pork chops to one pan and a pile of brussels sprout leaves to the other (I had completed the onerous task of de-leafing each sprout a couple of days in advance). I flipped the chops and tossed the sprouts every two minutes, while I chopped (pre-roasted) walnuts and grated pecorino. Chops and sprouts were done after 2 batches each. I deglazed the chop pan with the last of a Montenidoli Vernaccia and let it reduce while I tossed the sprouts with the roasted walnuts and grated pecorino. I poured the sauce all over the chops and drizzled the sprouts with walnut oil (tip I learned from Bon Appetit!) and called it a (Wednes)day. I helped myself to seconds and thirds of the brussels sprouts; the de-leafing was totally worth it.

Dinner was cooked and eaten so effortlessly that I even had time to enjoy a cup of tea (cinnamon-apple) and a few chapters (The Goldfinch) before bed.



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