What I Eat in a Wednesday

WW smoothie12/6/17

Wake up. Work out. Smoothie time. This morning was the usual blueberry-cauliflower-date-vanilla protein powder-peanut butter-cinnamon combo. It was delicious but I’m thinking about switching it up next week by using peanut butter protein powder instead of vanilla. I am obsessed with PB&J flavored anything.

Sitting at my desk around 11:30am, I snacked on some green grapes while waiting for the clock to strike an acceptable hour for me to each lunch.
Finally, it was 12:30 and I was free to microwave my leftovers without fear of being judged for eating pasta before noon. I’m actually doing something new with my leftover pasta; microwave last night’s Pasta with Caramelized Onions, Salami, and Delicata Squash (published 11/8/17 on the blog!). Put over a bed of dark leafy greens that have been dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Top everything off with a drizzle of balsamic, a crack or seven of black pepper, fresh(ish) shaved parm and toasted walnuts. (I brought pre-shaved parm and chopped walnuts in a separate container to work, and used the salt and pepper that I always keep in my desk). The finished product mixes flavor, texture, and temperature, which is totally odd and totally good. Isn’t that a great way to be?
A large handful of snap pea crisps in the afternoon only because they were within eyesight.
I had big plans for dinner. I dreamt of Samin Nosrat’s Butternut Green Curry (pictured) soup. I google-imaged lime leaves and lemongrass, preparing to forage these ingredients at my local Stop & Shop after work. I agonized over whether or not I should trust Samin when she says to boil the butternut squash in coconut milk instead of roasting it. I defiantly planned to toast cashews in a skillet instead of roast peanuts in the oven like the recipe called for. I was more than ready. Then there was traffic on the way to the store, my hunt for obscure ingredients was unsuccessful, the sun raced away from the sky, and I found myself heading to my car in a dark parking lot at 7pm, with a 30 minute commute home. As I drove, cans of coconut milk for the soup sloshed happily in the back seat like giddy toddlers ready to play. But I knew I would end up reheating leftovers; I knew I had to tell the kids I’d build the treehouse another day. I hung my head as I walked through the door, like a guilty mother, and told my actual mother that I wasn’t going to cook that night. She did not care, of course, and happily inquired what we would eat instead. I dug out some leftover shredded chicken taco meat from the fridge, salad greens, leftover coleslaw, and salsa. I created a chipotle sauce by thinning out chipotle mayo with water and toasted some corn tortillas. Wednesday turned into Taco Salad night. Mom and I had several helpings as we gossiped about our days. My grand plans did not work out, but everything else seemed to fall right into place.

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